Redneck Power Tour
Meridian, Mississippi
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How do you write about a show that you help promote without tooting your own horn? Well I dont know how it will turn out but we will see! The event was sponsored by Fuzzees Performance, and the hosted by me, Eric and Leslee.
Article by Fuzzee - Photos by Eric
    How do you write about a show that you help promote without tooting your own horn? Well I don’t know how it will turn out but we will see! The event was sponsored by Fuzzee’s Performance, and the hosted by me, Eric and Leslee. We welcome participant in Meridian, Ms on Sept. 28, where the Welcome Party was held. We feasted on a steak & shrimp all you can eat buffet and had a chance to fellowship with old and new friends. We had a couple of registered folks from Laurel and one from Jackson. All together we had 15 cars registered but only 5 made the “Long Haul.” We drove all the 2 lane road we could but we never rode the Interstate! We want to thank Mayor Cheri Barry, City Manager Mark McDonald, Cultural Affairs Coordinator Connie Royal, and Former City Manager Ken Storms. And if you are wonder where the money for the food came from? Cheri and Mark took up a collection. It didn’t come out of city funds! Thanks to you all.      
    Tuesday morning we were on the road by 8:15 am, we headed north on Hwy 39 until it intersected with Hwy 45 south of Macon, Ms then we headed north for our 1st stop which was Chris Martin’s Shop in Houston, Ms. Well I decided to ride with Joe Doran from Madisonville, La when we stop at West Point, Ms.  The plan was for me to call Alan Moore when we got to West Point and he would meet us at the Hwy 8 intersection. Well Joe got to talking and missed the turn, Alan called us and told us we went by so we turned around and headed back, I hope you didn’t think that wrong turn was my fault did you? When we arrived at Cen-Pen Speed Shop Chris’s mom had stayed up all nite cookin’ all kinda goodies for us. It was some kinda fine. Chris has a lots of neat stuff going on in his shop. Then Alan led the way to Tupelo, Ms Where Allen McDaniel, who is over the Tupelo Auto Museum and Mile Montgomery of Street Rods Limited fame put on a big feed at the Car Museum with Bar-B-Que pork and all the fixin’. Later we toured the museum, Allen give us a group rate, and opened the bone yard for us to see also. If you have never seen this collection of cars, it’s worth the trip. Thanks go out to Allen, Mike and everyone else that helped for a great time.
    Wednesday morning we headed to Oxford, Ms on Hwy 6 and since Allen knew where we were heading and he knew where we was to meet Mike I ask him to led us to meet Jer-ry, Jer-ry Sides of the Ms Delta Street Rodders at the Hwy 7 turn off. Little did we know there were a dozen cars waiting for us. Counting the cars we picked up in Tupelo we were up to 22 cars. We found out one thing, you can spend the whole day in Water Valley, Ms and not see all the car stuff! We first headed to Jim Turner’s Street Rod Shop’s to check out his shop and look at projects he was working on. As far as I know, Jim is the only man that has a motor hoist made out of 2 old straight axels! Then we off to Darrel Martin’s shop where Sherry, Darrel, Pam Hatton, Ed Horton and a bunch of other folks had a lunch ready for everyone.
    We had a lite lunch to tide over for the night meal, Darrel is like Mike, Jer-ry and Me along with a bunch more that we are retired before we could work all day and work another day when you got home. Now we can do ¼ of that now, I think it’s due to all the pressure we go thru the course of the day! After we prided Jer-ry from the sandwich table, we headed to Odie Shuffield. Odie has been Street Rodding and Drag Racing since the ‘60’s and is still going strong! His museum had all kinda Die Cast cars. Old Bottles and Tags from way back when. One thing he had that was really cool was a old Service Station he had torn down and set back up at his place. He even had the service truck from the same station that restored down to the Texaco decals on the doors! After me and Eric was interview by Jack Gurner from the North Mississippi Herald followed by a picture of Me, Eric, Jerry and Odie for the story he was writing for the paper.
    Then we were back on the road headed to John Jordan’s shop. This shop was featured a 2 bed and 2 bath that was built on one end where He and Ginny lived until the house was finished. (I told John that Me and Eric was up for adoption if the was interested!) John had cooked up 6 pork tenderloins while Ginny and her crew made all the fixin’s and deserts. I the words of “The Ambassador,” we eat like we was going to the electric chair! The plans was to stop at Ronnie and Angie Hinton’s shop but everyone was ready to call it a day, so we headed to the motel. Thursday morning we stopped of at Hinton’s Rides and Rods in Batesfield, Ms. As usual Ronnie  had it going on, with the shop full of really cool rides, but I think I was most impressed by a 40 ford he was build pretty much original Except for the blown flathead w/ 3 deuces! Thanks to Ronnie for taking time to show us around. We want to thank Jerry, Jim Turner, Darrel and Sherry Martin, Odie Sheffield, John and Ginny Jordan and Ronnie Hinton and the whole Mississippi Delta Street Rodders bunch for a couple of great days, Wednesday and Thursday.
    Thursday at noon was the official end of the 1st Annual Redneck Power Tour and we have to say everything went very good. Just liked it was planned, and we all know how planned things go but it was great! I hope I didn’t forget thanking anyone, if I did I’m sorry,  And me and Eric would to especially want to thank Joe Doran, Ollie and Teresa Patterson, Kenny and Susan Nunez, Bill and Cathy Bumpus and everyone who pre-registered.
    Since we covered some of north Mississippi this year, we are headed south with the Power Tour for 2010 with it starting in Laurel, Ms on Monday April 19 at 12:00 noon where we will head to Gulfport, Ms for the 1st nite then to the New Orleans, La area on Tuesday then on Wednesday we head a cross the Causeway to Covington, La for Wednesday’s activities with it ending at the Coon-ass Redneck Nationals in Hammond, La on Thursday. As last year we have a great line up of Shops and Museums to visit along with a good meal or 2 on the way.  Check for updates on Also will have a review on the 2009 event on line soon. “Well I hoped yall believe me because I have no reason to lie”      Happy Motoring… Fuzz.
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