1st Annual Georgia Moonshine Cruise-In
Hiawassee, Georgia
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Our adventure takes us to the mountains of north Georgia for the 1st Annual Georgia Moonshine Cruise-In that was held August 13-15 in Hiawassee, Ga.
The Fuzzee report
    Our adventure takes us to the mountains of north Georgia for the 1st Annual Georgia Moonshine Cruise-In that was held August 13-15 in Hiawassee, Ga. Over 1,000 cars and trucks, 5,000 spectators and 128 vendors from all over the U.S. showed up for the 3-day event. Since I’m not started driving yet, Eric took me in his pickup, along with Leslee, we left on Wednesday with our 1st stop being Hueytown, Al to visit with Ma, Tony and David Parker. After we headed to Gadsden Al where we were the guests of Barry and Donna Liggan for the nite. Daddy Barry cooked us up some Pork Chops on the grille while Mom fixed some side dishes inside. It was some kinda fine!
    After we arrived Thursday we found the park and headed to registration. After we went to the show area were KOTO (King Of The Oldies) was setting his equipment to play tunes for the weekends, after some visiting, we headed out to find the motel and get checked in. After we got checked in we headed over to the Sour Mash Kick Off Party that was held at the Ridges Resort. There was bar-b-que plate on hand, free boat rides on pontoon boats and live entertainment. Even thought we had a brief rain, everyone had a large time.
    When we went to leave the motel on Friday morning I handed Eric the sign that hangs on the door that reads “Please Clean Room”, he looked at it and replied in a huff “I don’t have time now, I’ll do it when we get back”!
    When we arrive we sat with a bunch of our friends from Birmingham, Al. at one point Judy Henry went to walk around and left her big cup with a straw in it on the ground next to her chair, well Leslee was walking around and went to smell the cup and I told her “No”, when Judy got back got back I told that was the first time I had seen Leslee drink out of a straw! From then on she put her cup in the car when she went walking. We never told her the truth.
    Sam Memmolo of Guys Garage fame was on hand Friday and Saturday.     Chef Eric did a great job-cooking Brats on the grille. Friday nite Jim Woods performed at the Anderson Music Hall while there was live entertainment at Mermaids Bar and Grille.
    When we arrived Saturday morning the park was filling up. After we found a place to squeeze into, Eric unloaded the chairs and grille while I hobbled up the hill on my walker. Judy informed us had brought a new straw, at that time I told her I didn’t mind Leslee drinking after her. Eric cooked us up some Pork Chops that were some kinda fine.
    At 5:00 everyone gathered at KOTO’s trailer for the cash drawing and the awards. And no our number was not called.
    That night the Little River Band performed in the Anderson Music Hall Playing their hits from years past. We want to thank Rakes and Lisa Parish for a great weekend. The date for next year will be Aug. 12-14, 2010. Don’t forget about the Emerald Coast Cruisin’ that will be held Nov. 9-14, 2010.
    For more info call Rakes or Lisa at 662-587-9572 or visit their website www.emeraldcoastcruzin.com.
    Well that’s it for this month and remember “What we need most of the time is freedom from the press”
    Happy Motoring, Fuzz

If you want a 20 minute Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruizin’ DVD slide show (236 photos) with bluegrass music send me $5 makin’ it and mailing and I’ll send ya one.
Gulf Coast MotorSports
P.O. Box 2847
Gulfport, MS 39505

Last comment posted May 30th, 2010
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